In addition to the collections of zip files uploaded to the AVSIM server listed here, you can download files directly from this site.

Airport Scenery

Files available range from simple A&FD files (often referred to as "AFCAD" files) to simple airport sceneries. Where several files are included in a zip file, all files must be installed for the airport to work correctly unless explicitly detailed otherwise in a readme.txt file.

Please do not edit these files with the outdated software AFCAD, as this will, in most cases, destroy some of the data within. Please use AFX or ADE to make any changes you wish to make.

Files should be place in a scenery subdirectory of your choice - this can be Addon Scenery/scenery but I would recommend a separate file structure, e.g. Adventure Unlimited/scenery

Take care to ensure you do not duplicate add-on airports. It is a waste of resources and can sometimes lead to issues including software crashes in specific circumstances.

Airport files
(928 files)

AI Flight Plans

Flight plans for "AI" aircraft, for the glorious 1960s or thereabouts. Supplied as a single text file created using the MRAI compiler from which you need to create the necessary aircraft, airports and flightplans files for compilation with Lee Swordy's TrafficTools software. Aircraft not included, and are not necessarily available (!) but look at California Classic and AVSIM. (Traffic Tools v2.02 is available at AVSIM, too).

Flight Plan files
(276 files)


Editvoicepack Files

The files here fall into two categories:

  1. Files that I have created (some of which have already been uploaded to AVSIM)
  2. Files from the original "automatic updates" to Editvoicepack. These are no longer available from the Editvoicepack server as the FS9 version is no longer supported and I have kind permission from the developer, Lars Møllebjerg, to make them available here.

Files are groupled into categories:

(379 files)
(4837 files)
(2320 files)

Click on the links above to view a list of downloadable files, which are in .vcpmod format ready for import to Editvoicepack 3.1.

Note that the Aircraft and Airline Callsign file names are in the exact format of the entry required in your aircraft.cfg files, except that an underscore ("_") should be replaced with a space, e.g. BLOGGS_AIR.vcpmod would be "atc_airline=BLOGGS AIR". Also, "+" should be replaced with "/". That's assuming I haven't typed the name wrong!

The only exception to this arrangement are filenames that end in "-i" the indicates a correction or improvement to an existing callsign.

A word about airline callsigns in past times

Flight Simulator users often assume every airline is allocated a callsign. This is not true. Only ICAO member airlines are allocated callsigns (the first in 1947) but it is known that not every member was given one, and some that were did not use them. Non-ICAO members often flew using their IATA code, for instance BKS Air Transport would fly as, say, "Bravo Quebec 235", but others would use their tail number. International regulations did not apply to internal flights and these could (and still can) use any locally-agreed arrangement - for instance until recently (at least) internal Australian flights would fly as "Qantas Echo Alpha Bravo" or similar - combining call sign and tail number rather than flight number. Only international flights are required to communicate using the English language.

The "NATO Phonetic Alphabet", as used in Flight Simulator, has been in use since 1956. Other letter-equivalents were used before that date.

These files are designed for Editvoicepack v3.1 only

With this quantity of files, the odd error is inevitable.
If you spot one, please let me know - I'd like to fix it.