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If you choose to install the files for the new ICAO codes at these airports, you should also remove any previous AFCAD files you may have installed for these locations.

Updated: 20/11/07

Airline Call Signs set 16

The readme.txt file is erroneously titled set 15 but don't let that confuse you!

Updated: 25/10/07

Airport names set 11

In the readme.txt file, I neglected to mention why there are too separate files for Laarbruch AB. This is because FS2004 uses a different ICAO code to the one actually in use in the real world. You can install both without problem, and FS will use the one appropriate to your system, even if you have modified your files to use the current code.

Updated: 25/10/07

Cape Verde Islands Domestic Airports

There is one additional object library that should be downloaded if you wish to see the scenery in its complete form. This is the Default Terminal Building Subset for EZ-Scenery by Sidney Schwartz and can be downloaded from AVSIM here.

Updated: 2/3/07

Sudan Airways flight plans

The aircraft shown as AC#45003 in the flight plans are all Fokker 50s.

Airline Call Signs Set 10

This set contains two updates to Flight Simulator default files for THAI and CONDOR, both of which have distortion in Voice 8. Unfortunately, the corrected files as supplied are configured as variations rather than replacements and Flight Simulator will still randomly use the original sounds amongst the changed ones. This can be corrected by the following:
Open the EditVoicePack software and navigate Custom Modifications > Callsigns > Condor in the left margin. Tick the box in the top right corner marked Force Variation. Repeat for THAI. Save the changes (Ctrl+S) and update the files in Flight Simulator (Ctrl+U).

Victorian Airfields AFCADs

All reported issues with version 1 of my AFCADs have been resolved with the release of version 2. Please upgrade to the new files.

Reference to YBAN in the list of changed ICAOs in the document changes.txt should refer to YBEN. Omitted from the list is the change YGLO to YGLG.

The new set of files totalled 121 against the 122 in the original set. the missing one (YBA3) can be downloaded here.

It is noted that part of the runway at YBI2 Boston Island appears to be in the sea. This would appear to be a coastline error on the part of Microsoft (the sea is actually 40 feet ASL for a little way offshore until it suddenly slopes away). This is a matter for either the scenery designer or Microsoft to resolve, but I have disguised it a little by creating a little grass alongside the runway.

South Australia Airfields AFCADs

Fixes for YADG Aldinga, YMWS Moolawatta Station and YWMC William Creek required for version 1 of my AFCADs are incorporated in version 2. Please upgrade to the new files if you experience problems.

It would appear that at some stage the scenery that these files are designed for ( at has been updated ( at although I have not identified anything that affects my files.

There is a problem with YWUD Wudinna where one runway (18/36) hovers at about 600 feet above the airport. This is not actually a fault with my files but seems to be with the scenery itself. You can fix this by removing the file Wudinna.bgl .

A problem exists at YBOV Border Village where the airstrip is located on a high plateau at around 1100 feet when the surrounding landscape is about 800 feet below. Again, this appears to be a fault with the scenery itself and not with my files. This can be fixed by removing the file Border Village.bgl and also replacing my file AF2_YBOV.bgl with a new file which can be downloaded here. This changes the airport elevation to 310 feet ASL which may or may not be true to the real world but makes it more realistic for Flight Simulator. If routing AI traffic to this airstrip, please make sure your airports file shows the elevation as 310 feet to avoid missed approaches.

There may be other locations where airfields appear to be on elevated or sunken land. Many of these problems vary according to whether you are using the Flight Simulator default mesh or one of the more accurate add-ons available, although sometimes even the latter seem to disagree on the correct height of surrounding land! Whilst I will try and fix major problems of this sort, please do bear in mind that the issue is really with the scenery itself and not with my supplementary files.

de havilland Heron aircraft

  1. Gauges
    If you can't find the gauges on AVSIM, the file you need is .
    If you receive error messages concerning the file cpt.fuelquantity.gau - you need to locate this file in your Flight Simulator gauges folder and rename it from cpt.fuelquantity.gau to
  2. Heron Mk1 Landing Gear
    A reminder that the Mk1 Heron has fixed landing gear, it is not retractable.
  3. Tuning of radios
    If you find the COM1, NAV1 and NAV2 cannot be tuned manually, you need to update the files. The previously released update ( did not solve everything and a new update file ( is now available on AVSIM.
  4. Gauge error messages - dfd_romi.gau
    If you receive an error message regarding a gauge named dfd_romi.gau, an update is available. This seems to only affect very few users and if you are not experiencing the problem there is no need to apply this upgrade.
  5. Reverse-thrust propellers
    It is not possible to simulate the reverse-thrust propellers featured on the real aircraft, owing to the limitations of the Microsoft Flight Simulator software.
  6. Strobe Lights
    To make tthe strobe lights operational, open the panel.cfg file in a text editor such as Windows Notepad (not a word-processor) and find the line that reads:
    gauge07=cpt.toggles.beaver!StrobeLights, 124,94,17,37
    and change this to:
    gauge07=cpt.toggles.beaver!BeaconLights, 124,94,17,37

Updated 12/2/12

Bristol Britannia panel

  1. Manual
    For reasons I have yet to fathom out, the illustrated manual initially uploaded to AVSIM and only contained the last page. A replacement file has been sent to both sites 30/11/04 and is now available for download. Apologies for this.
    The main file seems also to have appeared in a strange form - almost all the files are in there twice resulting in a huge download! I must have been well fortified when I did this! The Version 2 download contains no unwanted files and is a much smaller download.
  2. XTR Panel
    One user reports that when the XTR pop-up window is loaded, FS9 crashes. This has been traced to the gauge RKG_speed.gau, but it only affects users without registered versions of FSUIPC. According to Peter Dowson, who wrote the FSUIPC utility, this gauge cannot be made compatible with unregistered versions of FSUIPC, which seems to totally contradict his claimed principles of allowing the general user to operate without paying for his product. Version 2 of the panel now includes an optional panel.cfg file to eliminate this gauge.
  3. Flight Simulator crashes when aircraft reloaded or screen resized
    After hours of research I've traced this to a combined problem of certain screen drivers (some ATI drivers, at least) and gauges made with Easygauge. Although not a problem specific to the Bristol Britannia panel, the gauges concerned have been replaced in the v2 - please download and install the upgrade.

VVCR Cam Ranh airport scenery

  1. Additional files
    One of the files referred to for additional download from AVSIM ( has since been withdrawn and is not currently available. These files are now available as part of
  2. Compatibility with Indochina mesh for CFS2
    A new flatten file has been issued for compatibility with add-on mesh
  3. Broken bridge Fix
    There is a bug in the default MS scenery causing the long bridge south of the airfield to look odd. A fix for this will be found in

Flight Simulator X compatibility

Please note that I presently do not offer support for any of these projects for use with Flight Simulator X. Some may work - most will not.

Until such time as I have have a good reason to upgrade my hardware and operating system to the levels required to run Flight Simulator X at an acceptable level I have no plans to purchase it. Which means I cannot test my projects to see if they will work. !

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Douglas DC-6B at Medellin